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Your health is the primary focus of the chiropractor at Community Chiropractic of Lafayette in Louisiana. That's why we take the time to talk with you and perform examinations to figure out the cause of your pain. We'll develop a personalized treatment plan using our therapies to heal your body and relieve your pain.

If you're ready to try a natural way to live a pain-free life, get in touch with us today.

Our therapies

Community Chiropractic of Lafayette offers a variety of treatments to heal your body, including:

  1. Neuromuscular re-education: This hands-on therapy will reteach the muscle memory of your body and recreate stability in your spine.
  2. Balance improvement therapies: Using a vibration plate, we'll activate muscles along your spine to reteach balance to your brain and body.
  3. Water massage treatments: You'll lie on a hydro massage bed that will increase the circulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems while relaxing your body. - Learn More
  4. Foot detoxes: This is a great tool to rid your body of toxins. You'll soak your feet in a tub of water with an electrical current running through it. There will also be sodium in the tub. The electrical current and sodium will draw toxins and heavy metals out of your body, leaving you cleaner and lighter.
  5. At-home exercise regimens: These will usually consist of stretching and light exercises to help your body heal faster. It will also instill good exercise habits that you can continue after your treatment.
  6. Custom orthotics: We'll match you with the footwear that will create stabilization for your body.- Learn More

Whether you're dealing with a nutritional deficiency, tingling in your legs or chronic headaches, we have a therapy that can help you. Contact us today to learn more about all of our therapies.